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The first NOC aaS in Europe

QNOC in Amsterdam is the first in Europe to present a 24x7 manned eyes-on-the-screen Network Operations Center (NOC) as a Service. Designed around your core business, the availability of your online services is continually monitored and first line questions and issues will be immediately addressed and resolved. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your online services are crucial for your customers. Your services need to be continually available, your organization must always be reachable and above all your employees must immediately act to address any disruptions. For these reasons you have engineers on standby. Though you have SLAs where every second counts, even your best employees can be late or too busy to make good on your promises every time.

With a 24x7 manned NOC you will be guaranteed someone is always alert and can act immediately. To guarantee a 24x7 coverage you need at least 5 FTE. This requires significant costs, not to mention extra effort required by your organization for planning, education and HRM. To address this we have developed QNOC.

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QNOC: save and improve your bottom line

QNOC monitors your services and without the added worries of extra personnel you can meet your SLAs. This will mean lower pressure on your on-call service and you will exceed the expectations of your customers. You can sleep easy, we will alert.

QNOC: Tailored for you

When you choose for QNOC, we will start with an inventory of your services, procedures and systems. Depending on your requirements and wishes we will make agreements which we we will translate to transparent KPIs and will be registered in SLAs. From day one of the start of the NOC service, the cooperation between both parties will be continually re-evaluated and optimized.


Our operators will monitor your phone numbers, email addresses and ticket- and monitoring-systems and will react in the following ways:

  • Corrective action by QNOC according to your procedures
  • Request or plan followup actions at the right departments in your organization
  • Direct escalation of urgent issues to your on-call service

Henk Steenman, CTO at AMS-IX: “AMS-IX is growing steadily worldwide and the burden on our monitoring services is increasing correspondingly. While we were figuring out how to address this development, we heard that our partner QNOC was tackling the exact same issue. The rest, as they say, is history. We have high expectations of this expanded collaboration. Customers of AMS-IX and of our own organization will perceive that issues are better allocated and thus resolved in a quicker and more efficient fashion.”

QNOC: reliable knowledge for IT service providers in all sectors.

QNOC is for IT service providers who require 24x7 availability and direct action is required for handling questions and problems. Typical QNOC customers:

  • Provide 24x7 Internet services
  • Are considering implementing a NOC, but can’t justify the costs and effort
  • Are frontrunners in a 24 hour economy and globalization.
  • Have an on-call service which is too frequently called upon
  • Guarantee their customers maximum availability and uptime
  • Have International customers demanding 24x7 availability

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